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Eleventa has enrolled first patients in Phase III multicenter clinical trial

mbg-eleventa-001Russian biotech company Eleventa is enrolling its first patients at 20 Russian clinical centers in its Phase III clinical trial for the anti-inflammatory drug OC000459.  The drug is aimed at the treatment of mild to moderate bronchial asthma.  Eleventa is supported by investments from the Maxwell Biotech Fund, with the participation of RVC capital.

The test drug is being co-developed with the British biotechnology firm, Oxagen.  OC000459 is a low molecular weight compound, a selective antagonist of CRTH2 receptors that play a key role in allergic inflammation.

“The High incidence rate of bronchial asthma, especially among children, is creating the need for an effective and safe treatment for doctors,” says Natalya Ilyina, PhD, the Chief doctor of the SRC Immunology Institute.  “The new medication is capable of qualitatively influencing the course of chronic inflammation and allergic processes,” according to Dr. Ilyina.

The study drug demonstrated a safe and reliable clinical effect when compared with a placebo in the previous phases of clinical trials.  Results included a decrease in exacerbation frequency, an improvement of lung function and a simplification of asthmatic symptoms.

Julia Moskot, General Director of Eleventa said “If the clinical trial is successfully completed, we hope to bring to the market an effective medicine capable of improving the quality of life for millions of patients with bronchial asthma.”


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